What are the differences in the types of nail wraps?

We offer a variety of nail products, each with its unique features:

  1. Nail Wraps: These adhesive strips made of real nail polish offer a polished finish without drying time. They are convenient and come in various designs. They are less durable than our other offerings, however are much more affordable and are simple to replace a nail when required. 
  2. Gel Nail Strips: These strips, with a fully cured gel formula, provide a glossy and durable finish. They are a colour coat and a top coat. They are twice the volume of normal nail wraps, require no drying time, and effectively mask ridges and nail imperfections. They don't require any curing time. They are ideal for regular use.
  3. Semi Cured Gel Strips: With a harder finish, these strips act as a base coat, polish coat, and top coat in one. They require a UV lamp for optimal curing, are three times the volume of normal nail wraps, and also mask ridges and imperfections. They are chip resistant and ideal for durability and shine.
  4. Press On Nails: These are a hard acrylate nail that is applied with either glue or adhesive tabs. These are an easy application with no drying time. They are perfect for extending nails or guarding against nail biting.

Each type caters to different preferences and needs. If you have specific questions about any of our products or need assistance in choosing the right type for you, feel free to contact our customer support through our website's chat interface or by emailing support@outlined.com.au.
We're here to guide you in finding the perfect nail solution for your style and preferences.

May 17, 2024

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